Family Of Missing Indigenous Woman Worried Police Aren't Doing Enough To Help

Aubrey Dameron was last seen on March 9, 2019

A School District Tried To Limit Lunch Options For Struggling Students — Then The Internet Stepped In

Warwick Public Schools has since reversed its decision

Pregnancy-Related Deaths Have Become an Epidemic — It's Up To All Of Us To Fix That

'We need to be more proactive in how we help pregnant women navigate this very unique part of their lives,' says director Minhal Baig

It's Up To Us All To Change The Maternal Mortality Rate Of Black Women

You don’t have to be a doctor, midwife, nurse, or doula to make a difference

The 18-Year-Old Killed In Colorado School Shooting Was Set To Graduate In 3 Days

One student said said his classmate's actions gave others 'enough time to ... run across the room and escape'

This Is What Sandra Bland's Arrest Looked Like From Her Point Of View

Her family is calling for a new investigation following the release of cell-phone footage she recorded at a 2015 traffic stop

When Will Gun Violence Survivors Receive The Mental Health Resources They Need?

Few in power account for the fact that gun violence leaves lasting scars, for those affected by both mass shootings and everyday violence

Another Child Migrant Has Died While In Government Custody

The 16-year-old from Guatemala marks the third death in five months

The Sudanese Revolution Has Made Me Both Heartbroken And Hopeful

'My father tells me he feels optimistic. This is his revolution, but it’s for me'

Ohio's Abortion Ban Is New — But The Fight Leading Up To It Is Not

The fight that led to the so-called 'Heartbeat Bill' being signed into law goes back decades

Trayvon Martin's Family Lawyer Now Defending Teen From Viral Police Brutality Video

Broward County's mayor has called for the firing of the law enforcement officers involved

Trump's Military Ban On Transgender Troops Is Back In Effect — But The Fight Isn't Over

'This is going to be the generation that looks back on LGBTQ+ and specifically transgender rights and will have to account for what they’ve done.'

What We Know About The Bombings In Sri Lanka — And How To Help

At least 310 people were killed on Easter Sunday

The Fight Against Climate Change Needs To Address Environmental Racism

'If you're contributing less to the problem, why do you have to suffer more from it?'

How We Talk About Columbine Matters As Much Today As It Did Then

'I wasn't even born when Columbine happened, but I've grown up still feeling all the effects of the aftermath'

Columbine Community Responds To Threat On Denver Schools: "I Will Never Accept This As Normal"

'This should be our time to reflect and remember the lives that were taken from us.'

Notre Dame Cathedral Evacuated Amidst Catastrophic Fire

The exact cause of the fire is not yet known

How To Help The 3 Black Churches Targeted By Arsonist In Louisiana

A reverend at one church said 'We can't let this setback stop us from doing what God initially called us to do'

Planned Parenthood President: Healthcare Is A Human Right — Sexual Healthcare Is Part Of That

Dr. Leana Wen explains why getting tested should be accessible to everyone, not just those who can afford it

Planned Parenthood Calls Out Trump Administration’s Title X Change: “[It's] A Tool Of Oppression”

'This is one more attack to take away health care from people who already face the greatest barriers to care.'

Angela Davis Knows “It’s Time For Younger Generations To Take The Lead”

'Students should be in the forefront of radical struggles. Students have always played major roles in revolution.'

Enthusiastic Consent Is Changing How We Have Sex

'The best tool we have is our words. Keep it sexy and keep it clear.'

Climate Change Is Affecting The Decision To Have Kids, Too

As if the decision to have kids weren’t complicated and personal enough, now we have to think about the possible, and very literal, end of the world too

We Should Be Talking About Suicide — Here's How to Do It Correctly

'Young people should be able to talk about their feelings and the things that they have going on in their lives'